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How Video viewings can work for you

Viewings by video are a good answer to meet the current lockdown situation where if a tenant needs to move and are unable to view in person. However for some people using video viewings for the first time, making such a big decision without visiting the property can seem a little daunting and risky.

The following will help you to decide whether this is the way forward for you.

Advantages of Video Viewings

The two great advantages of Video Viewings are speed and practicality.

  • Making a quick decision is important when renting especially as during the current lockdown there is increased demand.
  • They allow you to make a decision speedily and whether this will be the right property for you.

What you should do once you have viewed the video and you believe you are interested.

There are a few smaller details that you may not be able to see on a video. If this is the case a few quick questions to our agent on the phone should provide you with the answers you need to proceed.

For example:

  • The condition of a property is often hard to see on a video but just ask your agent when the property was last painted. If the condition is not to your liking then this property is probably not the one for you.
  • If you are not sure of the area in relation to where the property is located and the view from the windows then have a look at Google Street View to work this out.
  • if you want to see a specific room or feature in more detail, ask the agent.
  •  If the property is an apartment ask the agent to see if they are aware of who else lives in the building and whether there have been any reported issues in the past with noise or anti-social behaviour.

Our agent will understand that you will need to ask more questions after a Video Viewing than a physical viewing and will always be happy to answer any queries you have. There is no such thing as a silly question, so don’t be afraid to ask!

More important questions to ask us.

  • How old is the kitchen and bathroom?
  • Has the property been professionally cleaned?
  • Is the carpet new?
  • Can a list of the furnishings be provided?
  • When was the boiler last serviced?
  • Are there any communal facilities such as bike storage?
  • What is the maintenance history of the property?
  • How long did the last tenants stay in the property?

Still interested.

We will need to find out some information from you so we can help you and us decide whether this is the right property for you including your property requirements, any relevant personal circumstances, timeframe and budget. This may well take the form of a video call.

Similarly it is important you are happy with us as an agent. Read our google reviews this will give you the confidence to trust our judgements and information.

Still interested

We will then need proof of identity of all prospective tenants to satisfy the legal requirement of Right to Rent and affordability checks including credit checks to confirm that you are able to afford the rent and other potential outgoings such as utility costs.

If all is well then we will move forward to taking a holding deposit equivalent of one weeks rent. This is refundable if the tenancy does not go ahead unless you have provided us or the referencing company with false or misleading information.

The deposit will be the equivalent of 5 weeks rent and will be held in a bonded client account and guaranteed under deposit protection by The Tenancy Deposit Scheme. This means that there is no way that you can lose your deposit without a proper reason. If there is a dispute about any damage to the property or its contents at the end of the tenancy the case will go before an independent adjudicator to make a decision.

If I don’t like the property once I move in?

Most of us are more than comfortable booking holidays and hotels online using just images and descriptions and securing a rental property is very similar. There is of course a risk you do not like the property but it is only temporary.

Our tenancy agreements have a six month break clause. This means that if you don’t like the property you will be able to move out of the property after six months subject to the correct notice.